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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Empowering Men to step in and step up to their full potential

Master Adrian and Little Adrian are in a good space. It seems that the more that I am conscious of doing my own Self-Empowering work the more that Little Adrian is not choosing to be present. This, for me, is the basis of all the issues that we all have with communication and relationships; the fact that we are not present for much of the time. We are almost always in a flux of reactions, projections and judgements and fears and doubts that stop us from being truly present to be in more conscious communication and relationship with one another.

I have just recently been privileged to take several men out into the bush; out into the realms of nature, to facilitate some Empowering Men work. Taking small groups of 3 or 4 men out into the bush for the day and stepping into a powerful journey of exploration together, we work through many issues and challenges that we have as men, and work towards stepping more deeply into what it is to be a more conscious, caring and awake man. Each step of the journey throughout the day brings us closer to our own insights, recognition and understanding of what holds us back and blocks us. We also get to experience and see what true potential we have in becoming a more Empowered Man. Learning to make new choices from new perspectives; from a more conscious, more courageous and more clear place is one thing that the men take away from the day. Having this new skill to use in our lives can change the way that we engage and communicate with other people, especially with our partners.

I am often reminded by women that they experience wonderful changes in their men once they have engaged in some of the work that I offer. They experience being treated in a more appropriate and caring way that is full of real energy and power. When we, as men, are in our power it helps others to be in their power too. When men are in their true power, their women can then sink into being more of a woman, as they let go of the masculine roles that they may have carried in the relationship.

The Empowering Men work is an opportunity for men to step up and step into their power and learn how to hold a real space for themselves, their family and their community. When men learn and accept these roles, a certain energy starts to emerge and settle that can be very calming and protective. When men learn and accept their positive power and positive attributes, skills and passions, magic starts to unfold.

I love to see the magic unfold and I love to see men step into their magic and power. There are many stages and ages for men to grow and develop and when we get it right it is a way to accelerate forward into being a much better man.

And because I have spent so much time speaking about men today, I want to honour and recognise the opposite sex for a moment.This weeks cake recipe and the cake in the photo, is from my Mother-in-law and daughter who baked the cake for my beautiful wife’s birthday last week.

The cake is a Lamington Cream Cake

Ingredients: 4 eggs, 1 cup of plain flour, 2/3 of a cup of caster sugar, 60 grams of butter melted and cooled, 2 cups of sifted icing sugar, 1/3 cup of sifted cocoa, 3/4 cup of desiccated coconut, 1 cup of whipped cream, 1/2 cup of boiling water

Method: Mix the eggs and sugar with mixer for 8-10 minutes until thick and creamy. Fold in the flour and quickly fold in the butter.

Pour the mixture into a round 20cm cake tin that has been lined with greaseproof paper. Bake for 20-25 minutes at 180c.

When the cake is baked, add the water, icing sugar and cocoa in a pan and heat and combine and simmer for 1 minute. Pour mixture into a jug and let stand for 2 minutes. Pour mixture all over the cake and then sprinkle the coconut over the top. When the cake is cool, cut in half and add the whipped cream.