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Monthly Archives: January 2013

It’s so good to be back

scan0005It is so good to be back writing this blog again. I have been missing the Boy and the Cake writing process and also missing the connections and comments from all of the readers. For those of you who are knew, or may have forgotten, this is how this blog started. Whilst in the middle of a psycho-therapeutic process with my wife Arleen (who is a counsellor and pschotherapist like myself), I remembered back to a time when I was about 8 years old and at work with my Father and his friend Gordon, who were both builders. We were having a morning tea break and the woman that they (my Dad and Gordon) were working for asked if they would like to have a nice cup of fresh tea. “Yes, thank you – that woud be lovely” says Gordon “and if you have a nice slice of cake to go with the cup of tea, that would be wonderful.” You see Gordon was a great believer in asking for what he wanted and whilst in the process with Arleen this story came up in my memory to support, and remind me, about asking for (and receiving) what I want in my life. The Boy and the Cake was born and I now continue to write about the journey of Little Adrian (the younger me) and Master Adrian (the current me).

Each week and each day and each moment, we are all in a continual journey of moving from being in our present and current aged self, to returning to and being in the energy and memory or experience of a past, younger part of ourselves. As new experiences arrive each moment of every day, we move and shift from our various reactions, projections and judgements, fears, doubts and old belief systems and then often revert back to this earlier, younger self and start acting, feeling, thinking or being this past, younger self. In many therapeutic fields this work is known as ‘Inner Child’ work. Becoming aware of all that is going on for us every day and then challenging ourselves to work in a way so that we grow and develop ourselves to overcome many of our unconsious, and often less than positive, behaviours can be a challenge.

This is why I love to write this blog. It gives me the opportunity to explore, discover, challenge and change some of my own behaviours, beliefs and thoughts and also give other people the opportunity to do the same. I also love to offer up a cake recipe each time I write as a reminder of Gordon’s and my story. So please, enjoy the Boy and the Cake and also enjoy the cake should you venture into the journey of following the recipe and baking a cake for yourself.

This weeks cake is a Mango and Almond Cake – the mangos are abundant here this time of year and I love almonds!

Ingredients:   2 fresh mangos (cut into small pieces) or one 400gram tin of mango pieces. 100 grams of almond meal, 250 grams of self raising flour, 250 grams of sugar, 3 eggs, 200 grams of softened butter.

Method: Mix eggs, butter and sugar togrther with mixer for 1 minute. Add all other ingredients and mix for a further 1-2 minutes until soft and well mixed. Place the mixture into the cake tin – about 30cms round size – I usd a star shaped tin. bake for approx 20 – 25 minutes at 180-190 C. If there is a bit too much mixture – make a few small cakes in pattie tins.  Cool and eat!  Yum.                                 I use organic ingredients wherever possible.