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Honouring ‘The Punk’

PUNK 3Today I would like to share something about an aspect, or part of me,  that I call ‘The Punk’. When I was only 13, back in 1976, Punk Rock started to come onto the music and fashion scene in the UK, and by 1977, thanks mainly to the Sex Pistols and their song, God Save the Queen, which was released during the Queen of England’s Silver Jubilee, Punk Rock was spreading fast across the western world. It really rocked the establishment and the media hype helped to escalate the Sex Pistols and other other punk bands to the top of the music charts and into the minds and souls of the youth. Punks took to the streets and attended concerts in their thousands and a new brand of music and culture etched its way into the world.

Getting caught up in all the media, music, social and school boy hype and excitement of Punk Rock, I created The Punk and developed my own Punk persona. With a ‘fuck you’ fashion statement of wearing safety pins, ripped up tee-shirts, tight trousers, ear-rings and crazy hair-dos, I got into the Punk scene along with 1000’s of others. My childhood innocence hidden behind a mask of colour, pseudo anarchy and bravado.

30 or more years later, as I reflect on those wild Punk years, I can see how The Punk became the protector and the defender of the more timid Little Adrian. I can see now, with the gift of hindsight, how The Punk built his persona so that he could help Little Adrian to be safe from the world. It is now, all these years later, that I can really honour that aspect of myself; that part of my persona. The Punk really was an amazing part of me and I am in deep gratitude for the way in which he protected the more sensitive side of my nature. Had The Punk not developed and held up his bravado, I am not sure if Little Adrian would have survived the teenage years without becoming a lost soul. The punk bravado helped to hide away the fears and doubts and insecurities that had crept in when I was a few years younger.

Working with, and honouring, The Punk has been a beautiful unfolding of deeper realizations and gratitude for me as I get to see how he became this protector. Even today, if I am in a situation of needing to protect someone in a challenging, dangerous or threatening situation, I can feel the energy of The Punk. He is alive and well and lives deep inside my soul. Thankfully these days I have the ability (most of the time), to choose when and where he can be present.

As a married man of nearly 50 years old, sometimes old aspects of myself, including The Punk, pop up in situations, or at times, when it is definitely not appropriate. I know that for my wife; my woman, The Punk is not always welcome and is certainly not appealing for her when she is in ‘Woman mode’. However, if we are in a street in Cape Town, South Africa and we are suddenly caught up in a tricky situation, then The Punk is very welcome! The trick is to know when and where to bring these ‘sometimes useful’ aspects of our being out into the open and when to keep them out of the way.

In honour of The Punk I have made a Punk Cake. I trust that you will enjoy making and eating The Punk cake too, if you choose to spend some time being creative in your kitchen. When I spend time in the kitchen with my inner child(ren), I often like to play music from a certain time period to help me connect back. This cake making process was no different – the kitchen was alive with Punk Rock music. The Clash (my favourite punk band) was blaring from the speakers and I managed to get in a few wild dances between mixing and baking!

Ingredients: 200 grams of semolina flour, 100 grams of self raising flour, 200 grams of butter, 200 grams of sugar, 3 eggs, 60 grams of grated chocolate, 100 mls milk, 1 lemon, 1 teaspoon of bi-carbonate of soda, teaspoon of  ground nutmeg, grated lemon rind from the lemon.

Soft icing for middle and top. 150 grams of soft butter, 120 grams of icing sugar (may need to be sifted), 50 grams of dessicated coconut, a few drops of vanilla essence and a food colouring of your choice (try to use a natural colouring, I use 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder). Mix together until smooth.

Method: Mix all the dry ingredients together ( flours, sugar, bi-carb, grated chocolate, nutmeg) in a bowl. In another bowl, mix the softened or melted and cooled butter, eggs and the juice of the lemon together. Add all the ingredients together and mix for 2 minutes with mixer or 4 minutes with hand whisk. Place into a greased or buttered cake tin – I use an 18cm round cake tin. Bake for 30 – 35 mins at 200 degrees. Cool the cake on a wire rack and then add soft icing to top of the cake in a Punk fashion!

punk cake


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I am a man who loves to bake cakes, engage in personal and professional development and write. My weekly blogs combines all three of these to give you a real taste of personal growth and empowerment and also gives you the opportunity to bake some yummy cakes as a special weekly treat.

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