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The Future Potential Self

IMG_6667I have been working with quite a number of clients just recently with some personal coaching and a big part of the process that I use to support people is to get them to discover, create, step into and become what I call ‘The Future Potential Self’‘.  This creative and empowering process gives the client ‘a taste’ of what the future might hold for them from a new, more empowered position; from the position of this Future Potential Self (FPS).

When we learn to step into this position (of the FPS) we can get a more potent and clear vision of how this future place can be for us. Whether this place that we visualize is one week, one month or one year away, we can begin to imagine it and get a sense of what steps we need to take to get there. I developed this process many years ago from other similar processes that I have experienced and often use it for myself as well as for my clients. For many years I used the power name ‘Master Adrian‘ to connect me to my FPS, but just recently I changed it to ‘Creative, Intelligent Adrian’. This is the energy, the person, the being, that I try and aim to be in my life. ‘Creative, Intelligent Adrian’ is my vision of my FPS and is the foundation that I try to work from every day.

When I work with clients I get them to imagine their own FPS and get them to name him or her. Every client I have ever worked with has found a name for their FPS. When they first step into this new persona, this new energy, there is always a moment of grounded raw, powerful energy that the client feels. It is in this moment that they ‘get it’ and feel and understand exactly what their future potential can offer them. It is from this new place; this FPS, that we can learn to operate, communicate and live from. As we learn to ‘become’ this new FPS, it is as if the future moves to meet us as we move towards meeting it. Our goals and dreams and plans seem to ‘arrive’ quicker than they would generally. It is as if the Universe wants to meet our goals, our dreams, our demands and conspires to deliver at an advanced speed.

We have this empowering FPS to work with, however, on the other hand, we have to deal with other aspects of our being; other aspects that are not as future orientated, and sometime ‘wanting’ us to stay stuck, comfortable or trapped. These other aspects of ourselves often keep us from reaching our goals and dreams and it is these aspects of ourselves that we need to communicate with and overcome or tame if we are to move ahead. It is from the position of the FPS that we can make real dialogue with these other aspects of ourselves and, from my own experience and from working with hundreds of people with this, I have come to understand and believe that this is the ONLY place that we can be in if we are to truly overcome these other selves. From this empowered position we can learn to speak with conviction, power and strength and from here we can move ahead with confidence and clarity.

My own ‘Little Adrian’s’ who keep me small and stuck can learn to be safe with ‘Creative, Intelligent Adrian’ around and learn that they do not have to act in ways that are not in my highest interest. When I am in my power and in my FPS energy I am less likely to be reactive or judgmental or in any fear or doubt, which makes my decision making and my actions more conscious and clear and acceptable and then the Little Adrian’s do not need to be active or present. What a relief!

Perhaps you might like to take a moment to test this out for yourself and find your own power name and see if you can get a glimpse of your own Future Potential Self. This is a very fun and creative way to help you to move forward in your life to help you reach your goals and dreams, like many of my clients do every single week.

To celebrate our future let’s bake a cake. This cake is a Sweet Almond Meal Cake.

Ingredients: 300 grams of almond meal, 150 grams of sugar, 2 teaspoons of baking powder, 3 eggs, 150 grams of butter (melted), 50mls of milk, 30-40 grams of finely grated chocolate.

Method: Mix almond meal, sugar, grated chocolate and baking powder together in a bowl. In another bowl mix eggs, milk and butter. Pour the wet mixture into the dry and mix thoroughly with a fork and then for 1 minute with a electric mixer or for 4 minutes by hand with a whisk.

Put mixture into a cake tin, I use a silicon mold which I do not need to grease, and bake for about 30-35 minutes at 180-190 degrees centigrade. Cool for a few minutes and then turn out onto a rack or plate.

As you can see, it disappears very quickly!

Star cake


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I am a man who loves to bake cakes, engage in personal and professional development and write. My weekly blogs combines all three of these to give you a real taste of personal growth and empowerment and also gives you the opportunity to bake some yummy cakes as a special weekly treat.

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