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Fulfilling childhood (and adult) dreams

scan0005I want to say something about fulfilling our childhood (and adult) dreams. After working with many of my own challenges and celebrations on this subject, I feel that it is important to know and understand what the implications are from not following up and making these dreams realities.

In my experience of  working with people as a counsellor and coach I have witnessed hundreds of people living with the disappointment of not striving for, and reaching, their goals or dreams. One of the common ones that I come across in my own network of clients and friends is the – ‘I would like to write a book’ – dream. You would be amazed at how many people say this to me; especially when I  share with them that I am a writer who has actually published my books.

There are many dreams that we carry through our lives, some very basic ones and some very profound and wild ones. I find that it is important to act on these dreams and to try and make them real – make them into our realities. If we do not do this, a hole often remains inside of our souls; a longing that can sit deep within us until we make it happen. I have worked with many people who feel unfulfilled and empty because they have not tried to achieve and actualize their dreams. I find that by trying to achieve my dreams, regardless of whether I actually achieve them, is the secret. At least by trying, I know that I have tried and have engaged with my longing, with my dream. If I actually fulfill my dreams then there is a huge sense of fulfillment, but if I do not, then at least I still feel a sense of self-worth and pride in having tried. I would rather live with the feeling of having tried and not achieved, than not having tried at all.

Some of my boyhood dreams of travelling, being on stage, horse riding, going on a safari, riding in an air-balloon, writing a book and being a professional football player, have been actualized and a few have not. I never did make it as a professional soccer player, but I did once get a trophy for ‘best and fairest’ for my soccer club when I was about 30 years old – so I feel that it was close!

I find that if I am courageous, committed and focused enough, then more often than not, my dreams do become realities. These three things (courage, commitment and focus) are, for me, key factors in turning my dreams into realities. Writing and publishing my books is an example. I had the wish, the dream, and found the courage, commitment and focus to actually do it. And now I feel very fulfilled from that.

I support and guide, encourage and positively challenge people every day to follow through and try to actualize their dreams and I get to witness many people doing it. I love this aspect of my vocation and get many rewards from these experiences. I trust that you to, will go out and find the courage, commitment and focus to follow through and actualize your own dreams.

To help you with this – you might like to bake a cake and set your dreams down on paper as you wait for it to bake in the oven.

Here is the recipe for the cake – it is Adrian’s Almond Cake.

Recipe: I used 250 grams of Almond meal with Chia and 250 grams of Almond meal mixed together to make up the 500 grams, but you can just use Almond meal. 3 eggs (whisked), 200 grams of butter (can be left out if you want dairy free), 400 millimeters of Oat milk, 200 grams of sugar – I use organic Panela (evaporated cane juice), 3 teaspoons of baking powder, a few drops of vanilla essence.

Method: Mix all the ingredients for about 5 minutes with a beater or fork until well mixed. Place in round 20 cm baking tray and bake for 35-40 minutes on 200 C.

boy and cake 001






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